From time to time the HSOB will post an online exhibit from its archive. Enjoy the selection of photos of Producers Milk Co. below. Remember the horse-drawn milk wagons? Producers was the last dairy locally to use horses in home delivery routes. In 1952 there still were 20 horses on 18 daily milk wagon runs in addition to the fleet of retail trucks. Remember the Dairy Dell and plant on State Road (West 35th) at Schiller Avenue? In 1921 the Plain Dealer reported that the six-year-old Producers Milk Co. had purchased that southeast corner parcel for its plant from J. W. Van De Roe." Producers, including 22 Dairy Dell stores, was sold in 1979 to Oberlin Farms Dairy, Inc. but lives on in our memory and these photos.

Issues from local news publications present spotlights of days past. Watch as our collection grows!

We are honored to present videos of three presentations by Ruth Ketteringham. Ms. Ketteringham was historian for the Early Settlers for thirty years from 1973 to 2003. She was widely regarded as one of the foremost historians of Brooklyn Township—the area that includes today's Old Brooklyn as well as Brooklyn Centre, Ohio City, Tremont and parts of Linndale and Brooklyn Heights. Ruth Ketteringham passed away in 2006 at the age of 99 (Ketteringham memorial).

Presentations to the Society - videos and podcasts

Ruth Ketteringham
June C. Hartzell – on the Hinckley Family

Old Brooklyn News

Old Brooklyn News front page
This publication of the Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation (OBCDC) is published here with permission. Our online library has issues back to 2006. Current issues can be found online at

The Brooklyn News

January 9, 1920 front page
Issues from 1920

The 1920 to 1936 issues of The Brooklyn News (before we were referred to as Old Brooklyn) have been scanned, digitized, Optical Character Recognition-ed, and appear in the Cleveland Public Library Digital Gallery. Go to for "Cleveland and Northeast Ohio Newspapers and Periodicals," then you can choose either The Brooklyn News – Times or The Brooklyn News. We still have 1937–1950 to complete when we raise more funds.

Rhodes Review

April 27, 1949 issue

1944–1949 (Vol. 13 No. 9 to Vol. 18 No. 14)
Sept. 1966 – June 1969

The issues of The Rhodes Review from 1933 to 1979 have been scanned, digitized and Optical Character Recognition-ed and appear on the Cleveland Public Library Digital Gallery. Go to to find JFRHS material.

Pearl Street Bank

Proposed re-use
After standing vacant for a few yeaars, Old Brooklyn's landmark bank building on the corner of Pearl and Broadview Roads is being redeveloped (see the Dealer and Old Brooklyn News articles). In our gallery we present building construction photos from the 1920s. Take a look!

History of Memphis Animal Hospital

HSOB member George Oleh “Myroslavovich” Mychkovsky, youngest son of Dr. and Mrs. Mychkovsky, has submitted the history of Memphis Animal Hospital, 5617 Memphis Avenue. Dr. Mychovsky opened the hospital in 1963 and operated it for 26 years.
Download the story.

Ed. note: See the news article about subsequent purchase of the property: "FirstMerit buys four Memphis properties," by Ken Prendergast, Brooklyn Sun News, December 11, 2008.

Producer's Milk Co.

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